Indirect Taxes

The streamlined and cost-effective way to handle indirect taxes like GST and VAT; collate data, generate accurate reports, automatically file returns online – and give your team the time and the tools to focus on more strategic tasks.

We understand your challenge

The problem with data is there sometimes seems way too much of it – and it’s not always where or when you need it. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.


  • CCH Integrator™ is a platform that brings all your financial and transaction data together in a single location – either on premise or hosted by us in the cloud. With the data now in a single repository you can analyse a single comprehensive source of information to get a much clearer understanding of how your business is operating now – and identify the opportunities for the future.

  • That up-to-date and complete data is also used to automatically generate reports, freeing your people to be so much more than spreadsheet slaves. When it comes to meeting indirect tax obligations such as regular VAT or GST reports and payments, most tasks can be automated – from apportioning inputs to managing reconciliations – reducing enterprise risk while again allowing you and your team to do more meaningful and valuable work.

  • Indirect tax compliance modules are currently available for Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and will be available soon in the United Kingdom and Malaysia. We will continue to add more international modules, but the platform’s self-configuration tools mean that additional compliance functionality can be easily added as required.

Taming the indirect tax tiger

CCH Integrator™ can be swiftly configured to match your specific business needs. We can work with you to make sure the system is mapped to your business’s existing processes and indirect tax requirements – locally and internationally. Enterprise data is captured by CCH Integrator™ which hooks into existing business systems, such as general ledger and accounts payable or receivable, wherever they are held, and makes that data available in an easily consumable form over the internet.

When it comes to managing GST, VAT or other indirect tax obligations, reporting can be automated – delivering a genuine efficiency boost – and there’s peace of mind knowing that the most up to date information is always being used. Reports can be submitted electronically ensuring deadlines aren’t missed.

The platform makes it easy to manage system access, ensuring that the right people and processes get the right data at the right time – with an automatically generated audit trail that can trace transactions from source data and subsequent data aggregation, right through to the final return.

Process, checklists and workflows can be established centrally and pushed out regionally or internationally to promote best practice, ensure operational consistency and further reduce risk. Built-in flexibility also means that the inevitable legislative or regulatory changes can be swiftly addressed.

Powerful analytics allow even more value to be drawn out of the data, with automatic data summarisation, exception reporting, transaction analysis and validation along with GST/VAT trend analysis that can identify opportunities or problems for the business that might otherwise have been overlooked.

Don't just take our word for it

  • "We estimate that standardising data collection using an online tool will reduce compliance engagement costs by 20-35%"

    Big 4, Tax Lead Partner

  • "The time to prepare a BAS return went from 4hrs to 20 mins"


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