Financial Industry Regulatory Reporting

An integrated information platform, coupled with specialised reporting modules, simplifies and streamlines regulatory reporting for financial institutions, promoting rigour and resilience.

Keep the regulators happy and the industry secure

The Financial Industry faces particularly rigorous reporting requirements. It also experiences constant change as regulators respond to emerging global best practice.

In Australia, the superannuation sector is a particular focus. It is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), which aims to ensure funds under management are secure, and the industry robust and resilient.


  • CCH Integrator™ is a platform to consolidate all your financial and transaction data in a single location. Coupled with our APRA Superannuation Reporting module, developed specifically for Australian requirements, you can efficiently meet APRA reporting requirements and minimise enterprise risk.

  • Together with specialised modules for Financial Regulatory Reporting, there are also a range of direct tax modules that leverage the data consolidated in CCH Integrator™ in order to manage tax reporting and returns for Financial Industry institutions.

Streamlined, secure and flexible

CCH Integrator™ acts as the data repository for your financial sector reporting requirements. A wide array of information – sourced from general ledger systems, cashflow reconciliation platforms and spreadsheets – can be loaded into CCH Integrator™ in a variety of formats. Information can then be mapped to one or multiple accounts and saved as a template to be applied across multiple workbooks.

This streamlines workflow and reduces the risk of error.

The solution provides a tightly controlled collaborative workspace for authorised users to work together, secure in the knowledge that they are accessing up-to-date and accurate information with an automatically generated audit trail, introducing good governance into the process. Reports can be reviewed and revised centrally, prior to lodgement, and supporting documents attached as required.

The APRA Superannuation Reporting module has been optimised to allow you to export full returns, or on a form-by-form basis, and import directly to APRA’s D2A lodgement system. It will also support Standard Business Reporting (SBR) lodgement when available from APRA.

A complete audit trail is generated that begins at the data source and continues through to lodgement, ensuring probity and reinforcing good governance.

Extensive management reporting capabilities are integral to the platform, providing a transparent window into often complex operations for licensees, trustees and directors.

The platform and module are systematically updated to reflect regulatory changes while user configurable checklists, schedules, reports and templates offer additional flexibility and control.

Don't just take our word for it

  • "CCH Integrator™ has immediately introduced a level of transparency and core systematic approach to our calculations, compliance and reporting. General Ledger changes are now carefully mapped and contributions more accurately allocated."

  • "With CCH Integrator™ and the APRA compliance module we are now saving a full week in report production, allowing Fund Accountants to focus on the treatment of transactions and quality control process rather than chasing down data. IFAA has now reduced its manual production rate for mapping trial balances by 50 percent and produced an entirely accurate set of trial balances."

  • "The benefits for IFAA are two-fold. We estimate full cost recovery of a cloud-based compliance and reporting system within two to three years, with a system that is fully operational now and not a solution still in development. Plus we have the added benefit of greater accuracy for APRA requirements."

    Guy Ferguson, Systems Accountant and IFAA Project Manager for APRA Reporting

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