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A reliable business solution, easily configured by tax and finance professionals in order to meet changing business conditions and shifting regulatory requirements, delivering true enterprise agility.

Wrangling change

Change is the only constant in modern business today. However, many business solutions are inflexible or challenging to pivot and those that can be changed often sacrifice sound information governance in the process.


  • CCH Integrator™ however, has been developed from the ground up as a robust yet flexible business solution, specifically designed to respond to shifting requirements while maintaining information and process integrity. Cloud based (hosted by you or us) to provide ease of access and flexibility, CCH Integrator™ collates data from your finance and transactional information systems in order to provide a single comprehensive source of enterprise information.

  • Through CCH Integrator™, businesses are able to create opportunities for collaboration across teams by assigning access rights, promoting best practice through workflows that the business designs and leveraging CCH Integrator’s unique templating capability to configure solutions that suit your specific data collection, calculation, validation, review and filing requirements.

  • CCH Integrator™ represents a strategic approach to information management and reporting, responding swiftly to changing market conditions or regulatory flux.

Flexibility, control and no it involvement!

Wolters Kluwer provides a broad range of pre-configured Compliance Modules giving corporations an easily implemented out of the box solution. Alternatively, corporations can choose to configure their own templates to suit their specific requirements. Wolters Kluwer also maintains a range of best practice Starter Pack templates to get you started and give you some worked examples to base your solution on.

With the configuration and deployment of CCH Integrator, there’s no need for you to involve IT specialists our team support you throughout the implementation phase and your finance professionals are able to easily configure templates to sculpt the solution to match the requirements of your business. Your team is able to agree to and define their own data collection templates, technical schedules and reports, checklists and workflow. Furthermore, we ensure businesses are able to determine access rights with automatically generated audit trails for probity and compliance purposes. Businesses are in control.

The approach delivers ultimate business agility and responsiveness without risking enterprise integrity.

Work with us and your own stakeholders to map your priorities, key requirements and objectives and then use CCH Integrator’s templates to build a solution that matches the business needs.

CCH Integrator™ can be hosted on premise or by us (Wolters Kluwer) as an easily accessible cloud solution. Wolters Kluwer leverages the best of breed technology thereby delivering operational resilience and cost effectiveness. Choosing to host with Wolters Kluwer gives your business the opportunity to be in complete control of the solution without the intervention of your businesses IT group, thereby removing many of the hurdles that can typically slow business progress.

Your business establishes the workflows and assigns access, creating an operational and governance framework that helps reduce enterprise risk, often assisting with audit requirements. Harnessing CCH Integrator™ as a single source of business truth reduces the possibility of incorrect or out of date information being used for reporting or strategic planning.

Don't just take our word for it

  • "By far the quality of data that is coming out of the system is leading to greater confidence, better tax planning outcomes, and better risk management strategies."

    Vic Timos, Group Tax Manager, IncitecPivot

  • "It was a very smooth transition and the Wolters Kluwer Support team were excellent. They were very patient with us as system limitations presented many difficulties but Wolters Kluwer were excellent in helping to find solutions."

    Karen Young, Tax Manager, Cargill

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