Local File Reporting

The ATO have announced that significant global entities (SGEs) that are December and January balancers will now have until 15 February 2018 to lodge their Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting statements. This includes the Local File, Master File and CbC report as applicable under the law. This extension only applies to the first reporting year.

This now provides December and January balancers a little extra time to determine how they will prepare and lodge in the ATO’s required XML format.

A ready-made solution already being used by many SGEs is CCH Integrator – it’s intuitive to use and quick to implement to enable you to lodge on time and mitigate any risk of significant failure to lodge penalties for lodging late. Watch a short 15-minute webinar to see first-hand a complete end-to-end demonstration of how to prepare and lodge your Australian Local File (Parts A & B) with CCH Integrator.

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