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Access Innovative Web Options for Support Around-the-Clock

For your convenience, CCH Support has additional options to contact our Support Team, get immediate, personal attention and better utilize our online tools and resources.

  • Web Ticketing Online — submit a question directly to Customer Support or check the status of an open issue by visiting Our web-based support team is available 24/7 to help you with Technical Support issues, Billing and Accounts questions, information regarding Orders and Returns and general product information.
  • Access to Training and Support Materials – log on to to access the Integrator “Knowledge Base.” The Knowledge Base provides users with Guides, Manuals and FAQs all conveniently located within one central location in PDF format, and is accessible anytime, anywhere. Guides are continually updated and FAQs are added as new information arises, you’ll also find the latest release notes so that users can always access the latest product information.

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