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Creating an Effective Tax Process to Mitigate Risk

Today’s high stakes, increased scrutiny and changing regulatory environment have elevated the tax provision process from the back room to the front office. Like it or not, companies must find effective ways to deal with tax risk management. Learn how you can reduce the growing headache surrounding your tax provision process.

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Evaluating Tax Provision Solutions

Evaluating Tax Provision Solutions whitepaper attempts to dispel some of the myths and provide a framework for evaluating tax provision solutions, with the hope of enabling tax professionals to make an informed decision based on the unique needs of their organizations. Includes a framework designed to assist corporate tax and finance departments work through the important issues and select the right tax provision solution for their organization. CCH Integrator can help you evaluate and improve your tax provision process while continuing to meet the unique needs of your company.

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Power of Process

The key to an effective tax provision process lies in gaining control of the calculation through the use of a Balance Sheet Process. CCH Global Integrator is a global tax management platform that uses a true balance sheet process for tax provisions that delivers complete domestic and international reporting on a single platform. The Power of Process whitepaper helps to understand the value of a balance sheet process in global tax provisions.


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Successful Tax Solution Implementation: Key Questions to Ask Your Solution Provider

Selecting the right tax software for your organization can take time. There are several steps involved, including creating an evaluation committee, developing selection criteria, determining the short list of contenders, and testing, comparing and checking references. This white paper highlights some of the most important questions your organization should be asking of a professional services team when researching and/or considering solution providers of tax services.

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