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Sales Sheets

CCH Integrator Overview

CCH Integrator is a centralized suite of solutions that brings together CCH’s award winning software and authoritative expertise to help corporate tax and finance departments streamline work, lower risk, simplify compliance and improve efficiency.

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Consulting Services

Direct Tax Professional Services from Wolters Kluwer can help you expedite your tax reporting, compliance and planning processes and ensure an optimal implementation of your CCH tax software solution. With decades of experience in the tax industry, our team of consultants truly understands the needs of corporate tax and accounting professionals. Direct Tax Professional Services include everything from implementation and conversion, to migration and integration.

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Fixed Assets Managerâ„¢ (FAM)

Fixed Assets Manager™ (FAM) manages, tracks and supports all asset depreciation compliance, reporting and planning needs for multinational corporations. Drawing from 100 years of combined technology experience and extensive tax knowledge, FAM provides you a better way to track high volumes of fixed assets with unlimited books, improve control, and ensure financial and tax depreciation schedules are up to date.

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Global Integrator Overview

The cornerstone of the CCH Integrator suite, Global Integrator software provides a single platform for data collection, analysis and tax reporting globally. CCH Global Integrator enables users to improve accuracy of tax provision calculation; serve as a single source of data collection; streamline compliance activity; and automate provision to return adjustments. CCH Global Integrator provides market-leading data collection and tax provision capabilities, and is already multi-currency, multi-GAAP, and multi-language.

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Global Integrator is designed to lift the burden of reporting and compliance obligations, effectively manage risk and enable resources to focus on more strategic activities by integrating tax accounting, compliance and statutory data in one system, minimizing manual processing of direct taxes both domestically and globally.

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Global Tax Research Integrator Overview

CCH Global Tax Research Integrator provides timely, specific international content based on countries your organization does business in, to streamline workflow and support more sound tax decisions.  CCH Global Tax Research Integrator  includes in-country expert guidance, attested to each month; tax rates, translated tax forms and instructions for 120+ countries; and customized daily international tax news.

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