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CCH Global Integrator

CCH Global Integrator allows you to streamline and centralize your tax functions and compliance to help you further combat increasing regulations and changing standards, including the convergence of IFRS and U.S. GAAP. Above all, CCH Global Integrator comes loaded with powerful features – each designed to transform multi-entity tax management into a transparent, more automated and efficient process.

  • Standardize calculations and schedules with flexible templates that provide consistent reporting formats across all jurisdictions.
  • Customize data collection schedules and questionnaires to suit your individual reporting needs.
  • Compare and integrate head office and local GAAP reporting for tax accounting under both U.S. GAAP (i.e., FAS 109/ASC 740) and IFRS (i.e., IAS 12) in a single calculation.
  • Perform full currency conversions, including reconciliation of exchange rate differences.
  • Calculate tax positions based on estimates/restructures.
  • Handle year-on-year reporting and maintenance.
  • Integrate with general ledgers, local compliance systems, Microsoft® Excel® and other tax applications, including:
    • Loading of data in bulk.
    • Posting of tax journals back to the general ledger.
    • Setup and mapping by end-users.
  • Integrate federal/state, provincial and dual tax system calculations.
  • Perform group consolidation with ease
  • Automate the return to provision process
  • Complete flexible reporting with all On-Screen Schedules and unlimited User Definable Reports
  • Integration with tax return software
    • ProSystem fx Tax
    • TaxPrep
    • Tax Integrator
    • Many other leading tax compliance solutions
  • Automate Deferred Tax Footnote Disclosure
  • Utilize built-in status tracking, audit controls, electronic sign-off and transparency of who modified what and when, including drill-down from the tax footnotes back to the source.
  • Streamline reconciliations with automated adjustments.
  • Support detailed provision calculations (with full tax basis balance sheet) and high-level Rate Reconciliations / ETR calculations.
  • Available in American English, UK English, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish and Chinese.


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