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CCH Integrator - Multi-National Corporation Tax Software

Whether you’re a company with only a few entities, or several hundred, Integrator is the solution for you. Our powerful, fully scalable suite of award-winning products delivers unprecedented benefits for multi-national corporations of all sizes.


Reduce risks related to audit management issues and increase process automations by using eTaxAuditRoom™. Have peace of mind knowing that eTaxAuditRoom’s secure access allows tax departments, internal/external auditors and taxing authorities to work together with ease.

Learn more about eTaxAuditRoom. 


Control tax and non-tax obligations, while eliminating multiple spreadsheets, manual processes and scheduling errors. Because eTaxCalendar™ provides secure data storage and a central repository, you’ll discover a streamlined way to maintain your tax calendar.

Learn more about eTaxCalendar. 


Streamline all critical components of tax document management, workflow management, collaboration and information sharing with the intuitive and compatible technology of eTaxPortal™.

Learn more about eTaxPortal. 

Fixed Assets Manager™ (FAM)

Drawing from 100 years of combined technology experience and extensive tax knowledge, Fixed Assets Manager™ (FAM) is the most robust financial reporting tool that manages, tracks and supports all depreciation compliance, reporting and planning needs for multinational corporations. Diminish risk and manage thousands of assets with unlimited books and over several sites with one solution — it’s possible with FAM.

Learn more about Fixed Assets Manager. 

Global Integrator

The main software component to the Integrator suite, Global Integrator, enables users to improve the accuracy of the tax provision calculation, serve as a single source for data collection, streamline compliance activity and automate return to provision (true-up) adjustments, whether your tax compliance is in-house or outsourced.

Find out more about CCH Global Integrator, and its features and benefits. 

Global Tax Research Integrator

Global Tax Research Integrator is the main content component of the CCH Integrator Suite. With Global Tax Research Integrator, you’ll have access to the specific international content you need, written by experts from across the globe, customized for the countries in which your organization does business.

Global Tax Research Integrator features the full line of CCH international research products, all backed by over 100 years of experience and delivered by our award-winning research platform - IntelliConnect®. You’ll have access to authoritative, international CCH content including real-time country tax rates, country specific tax forms and instructions, treatises, detailed guidance written by in-country tax experts, analysis surrounding tax systems in particular countries and more!

Find out more about Global Tax Research Integrator and additional product add-on options. 


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