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One Central Solution

Integrator is a suite of web-based, award-winning CCH software and international content solutions designed to increase visibility, lower risk, and improve accuracy and efficiency for corporate tax and accounting professionals. It’s the single source for all your tax data collection, provision and compliance needs. Backed by over 100 years of tax and accounting experience, Integrator allows you to do more with less by enabling you to integrate and centralize your tax workflow. In fact, this one suite leverages the latest technology to reduce audit risks associated with global regulations, streamline your existing tax provision and compliance processes, and promote international business.

This tax management suite of solutions simplifies tax reporting and research processes. It automates manual data aggregation tasks by integrating tax accounting, compliance and statutory research in one integrated system. By simplifying the research, data aggregation and reporting process, large multinationals like yours, effortlessly gain line of sight that is essential to growing your business globally.

CCH is committed to delivering the tools corporate tax and accounting professionals need to save money, time and reduce risk, all while combating more complex and rigorous taxation laws. Now, more than ever, is the time to adopt a holistic tax workflow process.

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