Financial Reporting & Statutory Accounts

A completely integrated yet flexible solution that streamlines the production of financial reports and statutory accounts, promoting efficiency and consistency while slashing risk.

Injecting value into the reporting function

Reporting to regulators is an essential function of the corporate finance operation, but it drives little value to the corporate bottom line. Instead it can be a costly, complex and frustrating activity that ties up your tax and finance teams for weeks on end, leaving them little time to make more strategic contributions to the business.

There is a better way.


  • CCH Integrator™ is a platform that consolidates all your financial and transaction data in a single location – either on premise or hosted by us in the cloud. Systematically updated to ensure alignment with current regulations, it delivers streamlined data collection and supports collaboration between stakeholders who have input to the financial statements. Standardised templates developed in collaboration with Big Four audit firms simplify the production of financial statements.

  • Whatever format is required and whatever deadlines are set, CCH Integrator™ can be configured to automatically generate compliance reports using the most up-to-date, accurate information. The easy-to-use system drives efficiency and empowers your team, giving them access to high quality data they can rely on and frees them to focus on more value-adding tasks.

Multiple challenges, single comprehensive solution

CCH Integrator™ is the data repository to support all your corporate compliance and reporting requirements. A wide array of information – sourced from general ledger systems, corporate secretarial applications, consolidated reporting systems and spreadsheets – can be mapped and directed automatically to CCH Integrator™ from wherever it is held. There’s no need to rekey data, reducing the risk of error. Data that resides outside of core structured systems can also be easily collated using CCH Integrator’s intuitive data collection function.

Once the required data is centrally held, authorised online access can be provided to an array of stakeholders who can collaborate using an easily accessible and validated source of enterprise truth to generate required reports. The data can be used to generate any report required with clear audit trails established along the way.

Proven Big Four accounting firm templates are available within the platform to act as the base for your financial disclosures. Users can then easily adapt the templates and merge in data that has been loaded or collected across your organisation.

For multinational corporations, CCH Integrator™ provides a simple framework to explain GAAP to GAAP movements, reconciling from Reporting (Head Office) GAAP to Local GAAP and establishes a common platform that can be used in all countries for local compliance and reporting.

The core data consolidated in CCH Integrator™ feeds the tax reporting process, the statutory accounts process and the tax return process. This enhances the integrity of all reports, and ensures all stakeholders working together on reports use the most up-to-date and accurate information.

This single platform approach makes it possible to leverage the tax provision calculations for statutory accounts and tax return processes. This means less duplication and reduced opportunity for error, while reducing the cycle time associated with reporting obligations.

While we offer proven Big Four developed reporting templates, the solution has been engineered to be highly flexible. Users can work with us, or under their own steam, to configure schedules and work papers, reconciliations and reports to meet their specific reporting needs.

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