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Simplifying the complex world of tax for local and multinational corporations by streamlining tax data collection, provision, research and compliance processes.

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Ready to hear how Kerry Ingredients efficiently manages taxes for their 40+ locations?

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Ready to hear how Kerry Ingredients efficiently manages taxes for their 40+ locations?

CCH Integrator Overview

CCH Integrator™ is a Web-based suite of corporate income tax software and international tax research that leverages the latest technology to help you diminish risks for errors and reduce inefficiencies in your tax process. CCH Integrator allows you to manage:

  • Tax provision processes.
  • International tax and financial data collection.
  • Tax and financial restatements and documents.
  • Domestic and international tax workflows.
  • Income tax compliance.
  • Strategic tax plans.
  • Federal and international tax research.


Create Your Perfect Global Tax Solution

With the CCH Integrator suite, you have the ability to build a custom solution from our corporate income tax software and research products.

Global Integrator - Delivers complete domestic and international reporting on a single platform. Data collection, tax provision, tax compliance, audit support and tax planning are all managed with a single, Web-hosted solution, allowing you to:

  • Automate your tax provision process.
  • Minimize risks related to IFRS and U.S. GAAP.
  • Collect tax and financial data in a more efficient way.

Global Tax Research Integrator – Choose from a full list of CCH international tax research products and content, written by in-country experts, and powered by our award-winning platform IntelliConnect™.


CCH Integrator Resources and Support

Our implementation experts are available to ensure you transition with ease. Choosing the CCH Integrator suite as your corporate income tax software and research solution means you get complete professional support and services to guarantee you have the help you need.

And, we continue to provide other resources to help you operate around the globe with confidence.