Single Platform. Completely Integrated. Complexity Simplified.

Why CCH Integrator

With over 10,000 users in 80 countries, CCH Integrator™ is a proven solution that delivers accurate compliance and reporting along with true organisational transparency.


Operate from a single set of data to boost transparency and turnaround times.



Improve efficiency through automation, standardisation and tighter internal controls.



Have complete trust in the accuracy of your tax, financial and regulatory reporting.

Improve Transparency Over Your Taxes Globally and Locally

CCH Integrator™ is a robust and proven compliance and reporting solution. By establishing a single source of enterprise truth the platform delivers organisational transparency, and the opportunity to automate all forms of reporting, reducing risk and freeing your team to operate more strategically.

CCH Integrator™ provides:

  • Real time access to your local and global tax data on a single cloud platform
  • The opportunity to collaborate using a single easily accessible data source
  • Automated reporting backed by a comprehensive audit trail
  • The choice of hosting the solution yourself, or using our proven cloud capabilities
  • Flexible design, delivering organisational agility to respond to changing market or regulatory conditions
  • Country-by-Country reporting
  • Critical risk management tools


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